In The Fall Of 2016, Covergirl Released A New Campaign

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In the fall of 2016, CoverGirl released a new campaign for a mascara called “So Lashy”.
This mascaras key point was that it was designed to work on all types of lashes, keyword all, so why not have a male represent the diversity this mascara offered? James Charles, a 17 year old high-schooler from New York became the first male ever to be a “cover girl”, and has been one of the first males to be publicly recognized for his makeup abilities. James started learning about makeup after his friends requested him do their hair for events. After a few years James set up an Instagram to model some of the looks he created and shortly after created a YouTube for tutorials; he currently has 90,000 subscribers on YouTube and 650,000 on Instagram (). …show more content…

But that’s not the way we are choosing to raise you.” and that it was “sinful and wrong. He shouldn’t be doing that, and his parents are wrong” (yahoo). This topic of children and parents seems to be the underlying issue behind all that oppose of James’s choices. The idea of raising children according to their gender, and more specifically, the devaluation of femininity and homosexuality, is the main focus to the entire backlash argument and is always centered around the parents of the child. A study was preformed by Emily W. Kane, focusing on the responses of parents toward their preschooler’s gender non-conformity. The studies concluded that girls were more likely to be praised for non-conforming to their gender, to act more like boys at their age, but young boys were more policed on staying within their gender. Most Parents tried to discourage their sons from feminine clothing’s, toys, or activities; “He’s asked about wearing girl clothes before, and I said no. . . . He likes pink, and I try not to encourage him to like pink just because, you know, he’s not a girl” one mother stated (Kane). Fathers in particular seemed to be even more negative about their sons displaying femininity, as Kane states that fathers may “ feel a since of responsibility towards crafting their sons masculinity” (Kane). In one video centered around the opposition of James, a pastor brought up

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