In The Movie, My Sister’S Keeper, The Audience Is Taken

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In the movie, My Sister’s Keeper, the audience is taken through the hardships of a young girl named Kate who is not only battling leukemia, but she is also faced with the task of staying strong for her family as her mother is willing to sacrifice the health and happiness of her second daughter, Ana, for Kate’s health. Kate finally defeats these issues when she convinces her little sister, Anna, to file for medical emancipation from her parents. At first, Ana is hesitant because she knows how upset this will make her mother, but she agrees to do this to make Kate happy. Just as the girls predicted, her mother was furious with Ana and could not see why she refused to sacrifice her way of life so that her sister could extend her life on…show more content…
This story is a great example of how the struggles of cancer affects the patient and the family. Kate’s mother was heartbroken and almost driven to a point of no return mentally. She denied the fact that she might lose her daughter, and she put all of her energy into finding a way to keep Kate alive. She forced Ana to have multiple procedures to keep Kate healthy and put Kate through dozens of operations. Kate was worried that she would not survive another surgery, and she didn’t want to take any amount of quality of life from her sister. She made Ana file for medical emancipation so that they could both be saved from their mother’s madness. Kate’s father was accepting of the fact that Kate was not going to live much longer so he acted with the strength that many people hope to have if they are ever put in a similar position. He made sure to take advantage of every moment that he had with Kate and tried to restrain her mom from getting out of control. Kate’s brother was very calm about the situation and acted as if nothing even changed. Ana was Kate’s rock. She took care of Kate constantly, and she supported her in every way possible. These sisters were best friends, and Kate would not have been able to survive without Ana. Kate was physically weak but mentally strong. There were only a couple instances in the movie where she was not happy with her life. These moments were when she lost her hair, had to find a

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