In This Reflection For Management 3000 With Marcus A. Valenzuela’S

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In this reflection for management 3000 with Marcus A. Valenzuela’s class, I have attempted conflicts that are being few things that happen usually between individuals and organizations. However, there are different ways to handle conflicts which a few are more effective than others. Before I justify the two different ways, it is crucial to grasp what conflict is. Conflict is whenever disagreements exist in a very scenario over problems with substance or emotional antagonisms produce frictions people or group. There are two distinctive forms of conflict, substantive conflict and emotional conflict. I learned in detail of the organization on understanding of human behavior in business organizations. I have been shown the importance of some…show more content…
The title of a Hostess is to greet the customer and guide them to a seat, then kindly if we can get them a beverage, and bust tables and cash customers out. I got the job from my uncle who currently owns the restaurant. I have been working at Perko’s Cafe for almost five years. An experience I had working at Perko’s Cafe with a co-worker was a minor issue that was not right for me to do, and won’t do again because that was not me. The issue I happen to have with a co-worker was usually after the shift is over the waitresses tip the hostess some money usually five dollars. So, one day she tip me about three dollars, and I got very upset due to the fact that I’m always helping the waiters and I believe we do more than they do at the job. I wrote a note and told her to keep her three dollars and left the money wrap until she got the money on her next shift the next day. She did get it and was upset about it and talk to the manager, instead of coming to me to confront the issue and talk about it. Later, I had a conversation with the manager and he explain how she was upset about the note, and believe it was something I wouldn 't do and that someone made me do since most of my co-workers don 't like her. I confronted that I was the one to do it and no one told me what to do or say. I did feel completely horrible after I actually was over the fact of being mad. It was

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