In Today’S Society, It Is Important To Recognize That Every

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In today’s society, it is important to recognize that every culture has different aspects and ideas that are unique to themselves. These include language, religion, ideas and more. In order to be an open-minded and peaceful member of society and the world, is important to know how to be respectable and tolerant of cultures that are different from your own, and one can learn about and respectfully indulge in other cultures and their ideas. Being open-minded and respectful allows a person to make friendships and relationships with people from other cultures and backgrounds and allows for the sharing of cultural ideas and languages among peoples of different cultures. In order to examine the extent of culture and language in different aspects …show more content…

An aspect of communicating with people from other cultures, and hearing about aspects of other cultures the introduction of stereotyping. According to the video, culture is like an iceberg because we only see aspects that are at the top, and don’t take a look at the deeper aspects of culture. The bigger picture in this case being all aspects of a different culture. Also, according to the video many thinks make up what flows beneath the ice burg, or the aspects of culture, such as race, gender and more. The video describes different stereotypes and gave examples, such as the stereotype that Americans are stupid and overweight. In my opinion, the stereotype is an exaggeration, while it can fit some Americans it is not relatable to all of America’s population. It is also off base of how I as an American perceive most Americans. In many cases this stereotype is untrue, as there are many doctors, lawyers, scientists, professors and many more educated Americans to prove otherwise. I myself have had previous opinions of groups that I had little information on, but revised what I believed after I gained more knowledge of said group. I don’t think that this video is guilty of stereotyping, but more of showing examples of stereotypes, such as the interviews with people on the streets. The deeper meaning conveyed through this video is to research and think about a cultures beliefs and ideas

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