Incivility in Nursing School

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Talking in the middle of class or talking over another student is not only disrespectful but rude. Arguing, taunting, threatening are all forms of incivility. Incivility covers a broad spectrum of acts and attitudes from one person to others. Incivility can cause an array of issues such as physical injury, mental and emotional harm. Results can include a loss of confidence, depression, job loss, police involvement, and quite possibly a loss of licensure if incivility pops its head up during patient interaction. Throughout my classroom experience incivility has been seen on multiple occasions. One instance being when a student tried to argue with the instructor over extra credit in front of the class. This incident was far beyond uncalled for and could have been dealt with in a more private setting after class. Instead this student chose to embarrass themselves in front of a room full of people and they looked like they were rude and had no respect for the instructor or themselves.
This could have been prevented had the student taken a minute to think instead of acting on impulse. The instructor handled the situation very professionally by not getting flustered and maintaining a calm demeanor, most in the situation would have gone off like an alarm. Respect toward others is a behavior learned the majority of the time in childhood. As well as respect, manners and accountability for ones actions is also learned. The…
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