Students With Behavioural Problems : Why Was I So Intolerant Of Student A 's Behavior?

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Self-Reflection –Addressing the needs of students with behavioural problems: Why was I so intolerant of student A’s behaviour? On the first day of placement I was warned that a particular student ‘A’ would bite, lick, push, kick and be consistently disruptive in class. I found this warning quite concerning as it was going to be very challenging to manage her behaviour. Student A’s difficult behaviour was more prominent during group discussions when student A would crawl around the floor, poke and pull faces at other students. Student A did not appear to understand personal boundaries and had no respect for authority. This left me feeling very frustrated and annoyed. Why could student A just sit still and leave the other students alone? My first question was how do I cater for Student A’s needs? How do I involve student A in group work when no one else wants to work with her? What support is there for to assist in changing her behaviour? The warning left me feeling overwhelmed as I didn’t know how I was going to support her. I also began to question if my own expectations of what is acceptable behaviour was too high. I assumed student A may have had some sort of disability that may have been undiagnosed. I was informed that student A was a single child and had poor social skills when student A started school. I couldn’t understand why student A hadn’t learn what was socially acceptable behaviour after almost 4 years of school. I began to realise student A didn’t
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