Inclusion For Special Needs Students Essay

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There are a need and an active pursuance in including culturally sensitive curriculum in today’s classroom. However, there is still a lack of inclusion for special needs students in general classroom settings. My interest in this topic stems from my major in EC-6, Special Education. My goal is to work with students with special needs. It is important to integrate students with disabilities in classrooms with students without disabilities. This early introduction of differences among students will further broaden students ideas of diversity, acceptance and understanding the difference between people in today’s society. This inclusion benefit both students simultaneously by minimizing misconception of students with disabilities and the complexities that they endure whether it is physical or mental. By allowing students with disabilities to have access to a general education will enable them to obtain an equal education that is catered to their level of understanding. Furthermore, teacher education in preparation prior to their practice is paramount to the success of this integration of these students. My personal investment in this research stems from my curiosity with cerebral palsy. A friend of mine has a daughter that was born with cerebral palsy. I see the struggle first-hand that comes with this disease. First, my interest is how can I help children with disabilities. The wanting to be of service to these students sparked an interest in me to pursue a career in
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