Inclusion Paper

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Inclusion is a viewpoint that brings different students, whether able or disabled to create schools and other social institutions based on acceptance, belonging and community. In any classroom there are different kinds of children, but you may not be able to notice the differences among them from just looking at them. In almost every classroom they should be at least one child that needs special services that is not given in the classroom. There is no one law that forces classrooms to be inclusive, but when the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 it made it illegal for any facility to deny any person or persons admittance into a facility because they had a disability. Advocacy for Inclusion believes that children who have…show more content…
While inclusion may not be for every child out there, the benefits greatly out evaluate the negatives, thus why an inclusive classroom has been more and more pushed as the way to go for education of younger children. Inclusion programs must provide all students with access to a challenging, engaging and flexible curriculum that helps them to be successful in society. When a child is in an inclusive classroom, it is extremely important for the parents and teacher to have a complete understanding of each other and have the ability to be contacted whenever possible, at a reasonable hour. When a child enters into an inclusive classroom the support materials that are necessary for the child to learn best are brought to the child, rather that the child going from room to room throughout the day. This way the child and teaching team are taking advantage of every minute they have together during the day. Curricular inclusion requires the involvement of all children in the same daily learning events and as such careful thought and preparation are essential. When the resources were not brought to the child and the child had to go to the resources that child had to spend their day going from room to room and wasting several precious minutes. A child will learn best when they have a positive role model to look up to and for a child with a disability that positive role model might be one of his or her peers or teacher. More important to find out the
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