Inclusive Study to Know the Prospective of Askari Bank Essay

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The inclusive study of Askari bank helps to suggest the organizational wide plans that verify the long run success of the organization, finding new ways to add value, flexibility, and developing unique skills and ideas to manage people. After studying one can simplify that how a bank can provide various products & services to the customers in order to provide them best value. The purpose of Askari bank is to provide professional reliability, customer satisfaction and teamwork to achieve constant growth and profitability in all areas of business.

This report is an inclusive study to know the prospective of Askari bank. Askari Commercial Bank is one of the leading banks in Pakistan, which is …show more content…

The major purpose of this report is to find out the performance, details of all the departments, functions of the Askari bank, role of Askari bank in the economy of Pakistan and to prepare an inclusive report which covers all the features of the bank. In this report, I did the same thing which is required to study the organization on the whole.
It was a great experience to work at the Askari bank. The experiences were totally different from what we read in the books. In the period of 6 weeks internship at Askari Bank G.T Road Branch, Gujrat, I had a chance to have an experience of how a bank performs its functions. I tried my best to gain a useful experience to plan, develop, present and report and to seek a challenging career oriented position in the field of general banking by using the potential of hard work and professional skills. It was a large size branch consists of 1 branch manager, 1 operation manager, 1 Incharge of general banking, 3 OGIII officers, 8 OGII officers, 5 OGI and some other clerical staff. As internee I have to help the different employee in the Branch in their daily work. I was asked to work on the entire general banking.
First of all I found out the brief history of the Askari bank to know about the past of the bank then I found the details about the present functions, its professional out look to attract the customers and to increase the business. During my internship I was sent to different departments including Accounts, Credits,

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