Indiah As A Leader Essay

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During Indiah’s first year on her school’s varsity soccer team she struggled with being a leader. She was one of the best on the team she just was very shy and felt as if no one would listen to her. Her leadership was an absolute necessity in the game when the roads to states was on the line for Indiah and her fellow teammates. The game was tied with another half to play. This moment was either go big or go home. This big game was a huge challenge for the than freshman Indiah Hunter. During the season Indiah had many challenges with being a leader. She was afraid to tell people what to do I mean who would want to listen to a freshman no matter how good they were. Overcoming the challenge Indiah called her teammates over during the halftime for a team talk to encourage and make the situation better. “ Don’t go out there hanging your heads now. The game isn’t over you have a whole half to go out there to fight and continue our journey to getting our state …show more content…

They had dominant control the entire second half with tons of scoring opportunities. Her speech worked, everyone’s energy changed for the best. The game was still ties but, minutes before the game was over with the possibility of overtime if no one were to score Indiah came to the rescue. She was in the perfect position when the goalie cleared the ball after an amazing save. It was just Indiah and the goalkeeper and she placed it nicely pass the goalkeeper winning the game. Everyone was very ecstatic, but no one was more happy than Indiah. Indiah was proud that she finally took charge and overcame the challenge she dealt with that whole season. Even though the Warriors had a heartbreaking lost in states. Indiah will never forget the time she led and encouraged her teammates in the game that led her team to states. After the season Indiah became a influential person on the team and many of her peers look up to her to this

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