Indian Boarding School

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The purpose of the Indian Boarding school is similar to the missionaries. It is to completely convert to be taught the correct or acceptable way. The indigenous culture was viewed inappropriate so attending the new structured school created this foundation of following the dominated culture. The children are enrolled to learn more of the countries culture, rather than learning their tribe’s culture or language. One is basically removed and involved to convert into the acceptable education. The Boarding School and original missionaries have similar tactics that are either transitioned or continued to be practiced. When enrolled to either of these locations, the practice of their culture is inappropriate. The authority will go to all extent to isolate from the indigenous culture and also will punish if there is anything practiced like language or traditions. There is a new value or education system that needs to be demonstrated and heavily imposed on the indigenous individual. The authorities of both are not concerned with the indigenous people’s connection to their…show more content…
The issue is the laws will defend the defendant and will not assist the victim in any manner. The victim must present their case and tell their story as the defendant is lawfully right to be silent throughout the court case. This model is corrupt not issuing the indigenous women’s issue and only helping the men out. For in this case rape was considered right because women are considered property which is an act of claim. The peacemaking model cannot be related to sexual violence because this model is demonstrating blame. Basically states we both have the same equal responsibility for what has been enacted. It can be worked out from both the victim and the defendant, but the takes out the defendants’ accountability because this act of rape is not a compromise and should be recognized for their criminal
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