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Case Study- Indian BPOs- Waking up to the Philippines Opportunity
1. How has the global economic downturn, discussed in the opening profile and throughout this chapter, impacted jobs outsourcing in the BPO industry?
The global economic downturn has impacted jobs outsourcing in the BPO industry as it has helped to be one of the largest job creators in India. Due to this, many companies had to increase their operations output and therefore employ more and more people to keep up with the expanding trend. One of the major impacts, being growth and maturity, had an effect on the BPO industry and contributed to the outsourcing companies and continued growth of the industry. The IT and BPO outsourcing boom created a huge impact in the Indian
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It is important to continue to attract employees but also maintain existing ones, especially with job outsourcing, as it is cheap labour you still need to ensure employees are looked after properly. Personal choice and decision making is another trend that will always be required as that is what keeps companies competitive. With regards to the BPO industry in India and the Philippines, this applies as the Philippines are becoming more competitive. Companies may start choosing the Philippines over India as they have better language skills and less additional costs. The change in demographics and the rise of the knowledge economy is another trend as companies want to outsource to countries where the workers are more skilled and have a better grasp of the English language, this again relates to Philippines over India.

3. What are the effects of the Indian government policies on the Indian BPO industry and on MNC decisions regarding locations for outsourcing jobs?
Locations for outsourcing jobs is very important as companies need to decide what is going to be the cheapest option but also the most beneficial in terms of maintaining their remaining clients and customers, there tends to be quite high volume complaints when it comes to outsourcing jobs, problems can arise often due to language barriers, so choosing the best location
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