Indigenous Australian Aboriginals and the Colony of Britain.

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Indigenous Australians are believed to have arrived onto Australian mainlands across the sea of from Maritime, Southeast Asia 40,000 –70,000 years ago. In 1606 was the first known landing within Australia by Europeans by a Dutch navigator named Willem Janszoon. During the 17th century other Dutch navigators explored the western and southern coasts of Australia, numerous European explorers followed, however, in 1770 Lieutenant James Cook explored the East Coast of Australia representing Britain returning with accounts favouring colonisation at Botany Bay, New South Wales. Seventeen years after Cook’s touchdown on the east coast of Australia, the British government decided to establish a colony at Botany Bay.
Indigenous language contained a lot of spiritual words and beliefs, the ‘dreamtime’ or ‘dreaming’ is their connection to the land and Earth. (Jens Korff, 2014) Students Kiarra and Karri Moseley and Luke Bidner- “My culture is my identity. Dreamtime stories tell the life of my people. Growing older. Hearing stories of my ancestors living off the land Becoming one with the creatures Even though I haven't met them
I feel this unbreakable connection Through the stories I have heard. The stories that have been passed down through generations.
These stories are living through us.
Without our culture we have no identity
And without our identity
We have nothing.” (Jens Korff, 2014)
The dreaming creates the structures of society, the rules for social behaviour and the

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