Indigenous Australian Literature Analysis

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The cultural representation of Indigenous Australians within Australia are heavily influences by what is portrayed in today’s Literature. Indigenous Australians get a rather bad wrap in literature, which has produced negative stereotype towards Indigenous Australians as being primitive, uneducated, drunks, violent, lazy and lacking complex laws, society organisation and cultural diversity (Kroff, J. 2017). These stereotypes have derived from historical inaccuracies about Indigenous Australians in literature and furthermore affected the representation of present day Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders in Australia. Overall many non-Indigenous Australians state a positive attitude towards Indigenous Australians, but still, three out of four Indigenous Australians claim to have experienced racism (ANTaR, 2012). Therefore, these stereotypes are producing negatives impacts towards Indigenous Australians and will furthermore have the potential to impact on children, teachers and the teaching profession.

The portrayal Indigenous Australians within literature can be broken down into three-man offender. Firstly, it had been depicted historically inaccurate images about Indigenous Australian, most commonly presenting Aboriginals cultural are static and unchanging. The literature surrounding Aboriginal historical, social and political parameters have taken place within an expansive regime of the colonial enterprise in order to sustain the foundation myth of settlement

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