Indigenous Peoples Have Suffered As A Result Of Colonisation

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In the world, as a result of colonisation, many Indigenous communities had been impacted intensely. Cunningham, Chris;Stanley, Fiona (2003) defines an indigenous by the experiences shared by a group of people who have inhabited a country for thousands of years, which often contrast with those of other groups of people who reside in the same country for a few hundred years. In 1788 since the European invasion of Australia, for thousands of years the aboriginal peoples have been oppressed into a world unnatural to their existence. This essay will discuss on how most Indigenous peoples have suffered as a result of colonisation. This essay will firstly focus on colonisation of indigenous peoples, when and who was involved in doing so. How the ideologies underpinning colonialism have informed interactions between non-Indigenous and Indigenous peoples will be addressed at a general level. Furthermore, this essay will also discuss a comparison of how each groups of indigenous Australians experienced colonization together with the issue of dispossession from land, cultural and sovereignty and Christianity.
Colonization has had many negative consequences on indigenous peoples and Torres Strait Islanders since the arrival of European people In Australia in January 1788. For that case, the Indigenous peoples of this country have been victims since then. According to Sumner (1995), a victim is someone who has suffered, been injured or destroyed as a result of the actions of another

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