Individual Differences Affecting Caffeine Intake Essays

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Individual differences affecting caffeine intake. Analysis of consumption behaviours for different times of day and caffeine sources
The purpose of this study was to research different personalities, and how they affect caffeine intake. Regular consumption was predicted by gender, age, nicotine use, and types of personality traits. Consistent caffeine consumption would has been known to impair sleep and enhance anxiety, and if over-consumed it becomes chronic it could cause dependency, and or worsen psychological symptoms, (Juliano et al., 2011, Ogawa and Ueki, 2007 and Rihs et al., 1996). Caffeine can, however, cause positive effects in cognitive areas: it improve alertness, decrease fatigue, enhance executions of basic tasks that require …show more content…

Robust correlation analyses revealed that smoking showed medium positive associations with caffeine intake (entire day: r = .40, morning: r = .34, afternoon: r = .30, evening/night: r = .28). As concerns personality traits, in line with previous findings (Gurpegui et al., 2007, Jones and Lejuez, 2005 and Waldeck and Miller, 1997), we found that both sensation seeking and impulsivity were significantly associated to caffeine intake, people scoring high in these traits showing higher amount of caffeine consumption.
Caffeine use in children: What we know, what we have left to learn, and why we should worry
Caffeine is the most commonly used legal substance in the world (Nehlig, 1999). Since many caffeinated drinks are marketed directly to children (Bramstedt, 2007) and caffeine consumption is increasing among children (Frary et al., 2005), it’s necessary to learn the possible effects of caffeine intake in this age group. Within the past 30 there has been a 70% increase in caffeine consumption among teenagers and children. (Harnack et al., 1999). Energy drinks are marketed specifically to young adults and children with advertisements featuring extreme sports, such as rock climbing, parasailing, and BASE jumping and with phrases such as “Red Bull gives you wings” and “Excite your sense” (reviewed in Miller, 2008a). Caffeine has been added to non-traditional items such as, gum, mints, candy

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