Individuals in the Organization

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Chapter 4 Individual in the Organization A study of the individual in an organization is important, for the bulk of the adult population spends more than a third of its waking hours in the organization by which it is employed. And for most people, formal organizations represent a major part of the environment that exerts a significant effect upon their behavior. To represent individual in an organization, we must look into organization as a social system. 1. Social System a. Human Organization – Status and Role 2. Organization a. Concepts or Organization 3. Organization as a Social System 4. Human Element in Organization 5. Informal Groups in an Organization 6. Occupational Culture SOCIAL SYSTEM The word system can be traced back to…show more content…
These definitions point to the dual aspects of organization, as both function and framework or a process and structure. It is a human activity and, at the same time, it is a group of people. Its existence is by deliberating design and not by accidents. It exists because of an objective which it seeks to attain effectively and efficiently. Concepts of an Organization An organization is a structural process in which persons interact for objectives. This view of organization contains several important points: 1. The organization is always made up of people. 2. The people in organizations interact; that is, the people in the organization are related to one another in some way. 3. The interactions of people are ordered by some structure that can be described. 4. The structured interactions are designed to achieve the personal objectives of the people interacting. In other words, people join and/or participate in organizations in order to achieve their own objectives. 5. The interactions which result in the achievement of personal objective of any member. The Organization Context A complete understanding of organizational behavior requires both an understanding of human behavior and the understanding of the organization context within which human behavior is acted out. The organizational context is the specific setting within which organizational behavior is enacted. ORGANIZATION AS
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