Indrid : The Story Of The Story?

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At the drop-off, the tall cloaked man stood at the edge of the rocky cliff. He stood taller than any man Indrid had ever seen. As General and aspiring leader, Indrid knew he had to be brave and dismount. He was the one in charge. Gripping the handle of his Graleon sword, he began his approach towards the cloaked man. He swallowed hard. The man didn’t look anything like an ordinary mage or anything he had ever encountered in battle. With each step Indrid struggled to keep his composure. The man’s gown waved gently in the wind as if it were enjoying the breeze. A silver emblem of five assembled circles hung from his collar. And beneath the darkness of his hood were glowing green eyes. “Who are you?” Indrid asked. He had no idea who …show more content…

His custom-made Graleon armor was too heavy to swim against its weight. Indrid sank. Numb, he barely felt his boots hit the gravel bottom. Through the frozen darkness, a form began to take shape before his eyes. It must be death itself coming to take me, he thought. Then the shape morphed into a man. Indrid was certain that he was dead when he saw his stepbrother, Rayne Volpi, offering him his hand. # # # The Ikarus army tramped down the slopes of the cliff as fast as they could, tripping over their own feet to the General’s rescue. But by the time they finally reached the frozen shore, there was no sign of Indrid. The surface of the water in the hole that Indrid had made, crashing through the ice, was still. After minutes, the glassy surface began to ripple. A brilliant green light blasted up and out of the lake. In its trail, a black mass sprang out of the water and hovered across the ice to dry land. It dropped Indrid in the high grass before shaping into the cloaked man before the soldiers’ eyes. The man stood above Indrid’s motionless body. He clapped his hands and began to place them on the General’s chest before an officer snapped and yelled, “Get away from him!” The guards lifted their swords and pointed their arrows then began their charge. But as the cloaked man held out his hand the entire army stood motionless in their boots. They couldn’t move if they tried. Without opposition the cloaked man placed his

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