Industrial Pollution Has Impacted The Environment

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Since the Industrial Revolutions, humans have progressed far into the 21st century beyond what our forefathers could ever imagine. With the development of new technology and the advancement of science, the age of manufacturing was born. Since then, industries have grown exponentially, expanding all over the world. Throughout this revolutionary venture, there was something that was completely overlooked until the late 1800s in America. That was industrial waste ( 10/29/15). It was not until diseases were rampant across the nation that the government took action. Ever since then, the American government has been combating this ever-growing issue. Even though there were drastic improvements, the problem with industrial waste still persists. Industrial pollution has already negatively impacted the environment worldwide and will continue to do so.
One type of industrial waste is hazardous wastes. These are essentially poisonous wastes that require special attention to eliminate, which is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ( However, this regulation was enforced in 1976. :// Until then, industrial dumping of hazardous wastes remained unchecked for most of the 1900s. According to a v article, “most toxic waste dumps that
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