Industrial Revolution Child Labor Essay

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Over time technological advances have changed the way that we live. Everyday we get texts, emails, and phone calls, we no longer have real conversations with people. Technology has changed the way we communicate with people. It has been a good thing because people can communicate with family who live far away from them, it also gives people faster ways send information without traveling to that specific place. Communication using technology can also be a bad thing because anyone can create a fake instagram account or a fake phone number and communicate with someone that way. It has led to abductions, people losing money, and many other negative things. Technological advances led to child labor; during the Industrial Revolution there were…show more content…
They were taken advantage of they “were paid only a fraction of what an adult would get, and sometimes factory owners would get away with paying them nothing.”(“wages and hours”) Many children were scared of the factory owners they worked for so whatever they told them to do they did it fast no matter the consequences. Many families were in debt after the Civil War and did not have any money to support their families. To bring in money to help their families survive, they sent every able body to work (Schuman). Families did not know that by sending them to work they put them in danger. There are numerous stories of kids who were hurt because they were not trained when going to work. When they went to work in the factories they very rarely taught them how to work the machines. The way the kids were often treated was very “cruel and unusual and [their] safety was generally neglected” (“Treatment”).Rates of injury and death was higher than working adults, and “over 50% of child labor was involved in hazardous and dangerous work” (“Child Labor”). The factory owners that they “served would beat them, verbally abuse them, and take no consideration for their safety. Both boys and girls who worked in factories were subject to beatings and other harsh forms of pain infliction”(“Treatment”). One of the worst punishments was
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