Industrial Revolution Essay

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The events that happened in the Industrial Revolution were influenced by actions in the Agricultural Revolution. Innovations like Jethro Tull’s sowing seed influenced later engineers to create more efficient machinery for their own work. Movements like the enclosure movement acted similar to the laws set in place during the Industrial Revolution, because this movement changed the way people had to work. Along with all the importance of the people, the geographical importance was very similar. With the rich soil in the Dutch area, it was similar to the iron rich areas of Britain. The land covered in water allowed people like Cornelius Vermuyden to do projects that cleared water and allowed more farming land. That land covered in water has …show more content…

The government Britain had was strong, and able to allow their action to carry out. Although business owners would seem to be in control, the government set those foundations, and some safety along the way. The government were very hard on the people with high taxation. This taxation was twice the money per capita compared to the French Monarchy. The more money they earned, they were able to protect the country more putting the money towards the army. Along with the army, the government had also supplied strong laws for protection. Until 1825, the government had forbidden the ability for artisans and skilled mechanics to leave Britain. This created a monopoly over the machinery because if you wanted to work with those machines, you had to go to Britain, and no other country could keep up with the speed of these complex machines. Until 1843, the export of textile machine and other equipment was also forbidden. This was allowing Britain to stay in control, but made their monopoly a little weaker since the artisans and mechanics were able to leave Britain. The safety of their citizen also came into play with laws like the Factory Acts. Robert Owen was the first to advocate this idea. The Factory Acts limited the workday of child laborers and set minimum hygiene and safety requirements. The government took this idea and passed it in 1833. Another safety control law as the Mines act of 1842. When this law was passed, it

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