Inequality In Basketball

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Gender Inequality in Basketball
Argumentative Essay

In 1871, Dr. James Naismith invented basketball as an activity for his male students at a YMCA school in Massachusetts. A year later, Senda Berenson who is a physical education teacher organized the first women basketball team at Smith College. The rules of the sport for men were more complex than those of the women. It was adapted to women and later recognized as netball. The first time that female athletes were given a chance to play a full court basketball game was in the year 1971 because they were considered vigorous enough to perform the activity. A year after the first full court women’s basketball game, President Nixon signed Title IX of Educational Amendment (US Sports Academy, 2008). Title IX states that no person should be prohibited from activities and discriminated for their sexual category. There is also a Philippine act similar to this, which is the republic act no. 9710 that refers to the “magna carta of women.” This paper intends to discuss why women deserve equal
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The factors that make the game more exciting are the reaction of the live audience and watching the popular athletes that play the sport. There is abundance of money in the advertisement of men’s basketball that will lead to high television ratings and a high percentage of attendance in their games (Silverman, 2015). For this reason critics believe that men’s basketball is more exciting to watch because of the popular players, the live audience and also the high quality of advertising and screening. Though the previous argument is valid, there is a lack of funding in women’s basketball that serves as a hindrance to acquire recognition (Bailey, 2013). If women’s basketball advertising are given the same amount of money that is given to men, their games will be more exciting because there will be more live viewers and higher quality

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