Inequality In The Two-State Solution

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Israeli and Palestinian Solutions:
For centuries nations have effortly tried to gain peace between Israel and Palestine, but it has proven to be an impossible task. The problem isn’t only in the current political situation and relations between the countries, with every new born generation it flames it’s distant past. There are two groups are fighting for the same small territory, with both having deep ties to the land. The states both having reasonable argument, of historical and religious background, and within confines, two nationally distinct groups, who are divided by language, culture, and history, cannot live wholly apart or wholly together.
One of the main reasons that a one-state solution till today has been denied is the inequality
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The UN and many international countries recognize the borders as the 1967 borders set by the International countries as a means to ended the Palestinian/Israeli war. This is a small area is 10,000 square miles, or about the size of Maryland. Both nation claims are valid and refer to historic and religious context. Jewish claim is based upon the promise to Abraham and his descendants, that the land was the site of the Jewish kingdom of Israel, destroyed by the Roman Empire, and the need for a safe haven from European anti-Semitism. Palestinian claims of the land is based on their residency of this country for decades and that they represented the majority of the people, rejecting the biblical-era kingdom for a modern day claim. If Palestinians agree to the biblical claim, they state that since Abraham’s son Ishmael was the forefather of Arabs, then God’s promise of the land to the children of Abraham includes Arabs as well. They do not believe that they should give up their home land to compensate for European crimes against the people of Israel. In the two-state solution it would create a Palestinian state made up of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem to exist alongside an Israeli state. For years, it’s been the government of Israel's stated policy, yet Palestinians debate that the government of Israel is cheating them because lack of effort to the growth of settlements. Every time a settlement is built, a little more is taken from a future Palestinian state. The hopes for peace seems to diminish with Palestinians accuse Israel of expanding lands and ripping away the resources that Palestinians want for their statehood. In the ongoing conflict, Israel’s is building a wall that separates Palestinian territory from Israeli territory, a security fence for the Israeli, but an “apartheid wall” for the Palestinians. According to Israeli human
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