Infant Attachment Styles and General Anxiety Disorder in Adults

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Infant Attachment styles and general anxiety disorder in adults

The purpose of this study is to look at the relationship between infant attachment styles and psychological wellbeing, with general anxiety as a measure of psychological wellbeing. This study will use an adult sample that will go through psychological tests to determine what attachment style each individual had when they were infants. After establishing their attachment styles their general anxiety levels will be tested. The results of these tests will help in establishing the relationship between the two variables. This study will have positive outcomes because it will improve existing information on this subject in psychology. This study could provide a better
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For the attachment style tests, they will be grouped randomly and for the anxiety tests, they will be grouped according to their different attachment styles of the four styles. The participants will be fully informed of exactly what the tests are about before they agree to participate.
This study will require very few materials for the tests to be carried out which are the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) for the attachment style and the GAD-7 for their anxiety levels. The AAI will require interviewers with the questions that they will ask the participants separately (Sonkin, 2005). The GAD-7 will require the questionnaires with the test for the participants to fill in (Spitzer et al, 2006).
This study will consist of two psychological tests being performed, the AAI and the GAD-7. In the AAI the interviewers will have to tell the participants individually, exactly what the interview is about, how it will be conducted and its duration. After they are briefed, the face to face interview can be conducted. After each interview for each participant the results can be assessed (Sonkin, 2005). These results will show which participant has which attachment style and according to these styles, the participants are grouped for the GAD-7. The GAD-7 will require the researchers to carefully explain how the participants are required to fill in the questionnaire. After this, they will allow the participants to start filling
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