Influence Of Cultural Diversity On Nursing Practice

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Cultural diversity and its influence on nursing practice When dealing with nursing and diversity, there are several key definitions one has to be familiar with, along with understanding that as nurses we have to examine our own idiosyncrasies in order to effectively help those who are culturally different from us. One has to deal with their cultural baggage, to look at their own biases and attitudes so that they will not think that their beliefs are the right belief for that person. Another issue is ethnocentrism in which they believe that they are superior over any other group or culture. Several examples of this that we learned from history are the Germans who thought they were superior to the Jews. The white who thought they were superior…show more content…
Everyone we meet, whether it is a doctor, a co-worker, a teacher or a patient, everyone comes from different backgrounds, have different level of education, beliefs and customs from which they were brought up upon or learned along the way during their life, and while we work together as one to help reach each other goals whether it is learning a new job to taking care of a patient we learn to accept each other customs and humble ourselves to become more aware and acceptable to those who are different from us (Rew, 2014). An example I had while working at Children’s hospital is that I had a patient who was from Somalia, the parents stayed in the room with the child, but when it came time to pray the father would leave. One day, I went into the common kitchen area and was totally shocked to see the father barefoot in the common area, but, I allowed him to finish his prayer, and then explained to him that he would not be able to pray in the kitchen, because it is a common area for all the people on the floor. I then called the pastoral care service to assist the gentlemen in finding a suitable place for him. By his next prayer time, we found him a room so that he could pray without being disturb that was suitable for him and sanitary for us. Not only did I acknowledge his culture, but was also sensitive to both the needs of the father and of the other families who used the kitchen…show more content…
The first one deals with both self-assessment and the client’s cultural assessment. With self-assessment the nurse takes a look at his/herself and addresses any issue that they may have concerning their beliefs, biases and customs that my hinder the care of their patients. In additions, the health care worker needs to address the different factors that may influences the patients care, both objectively and subjectively. There may many factors that may influence the patient wiliness to accept care. Factors such as religion, for example, Muslims tent to fast from dawn till dusk during their holy month of Ramadan in which they do not eat or drink during this time. So it is important for health care workers to understand this and work with them with how and when to take their medication during that time. The second step entails the patient and the health care worker setting goals in which is both acceptable and attainable by the patient. The third step would be setting up the care plan for the client which could include outside healer that they may use due to their cultural belief. After setting the care plan the next step would be implementing the care plan which would include teaching the client about medications, possible setting up outside community help in order for the patient to stay healthy (ie. An diabetic clinic if they have diabetes), this process will have to have a
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