Influence Of Geography In Europe

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1) The countries of Europe have used their geography in many several ways like how it influences their climate, farming, and living. The Europeans saw that geography is going to make a difference in their lives they have to live with it and try to use it to the best of their advantage! For an example the Netherlands. The Netherlands are near the water so actually, their country is below sea level so they have built dikes to hold back the water. And they have built some of their windmills into watermills to use it to make electricity to help them succeed. The Pyrenees mountains are also used for protection or more like a borderland. The geography here is that the wind levels are going to change. It is not the tallest mountain range, but high enough that it can cause change to the weather that they have to live with. The climates of Europe are very vast, due to the fact the almost the entire Europe is on a plain that affects their climate of the continent. So France is going to have a mild climate than turkey where it is going to be very hot. Also oceans winds can also shape the climate.By the ocean, sea, or river it is windy and cold because of this! Because Paris has a river right by it the winds will affect the city too! So then the geography can affect this even more of choosing which way the wind goes and does it reach a certain point. So say in Germany the northern part of it where the coast is. It is going to have cold wind moving towards Frankfurt to say, so if there

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