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Third Test Study Guide
ISS 315 Spring 2014

1. Why is the environment diverse in Europe?
Europe goes from Artic to the Mediterranean, and therefore has a wide varity of climates, vegetation, and human activities.

2. Spine脊梁 of Italy mountain range.
Apennines Mountains. Location of Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. Etna.

3. Mountain range that forms the border between Spain and France?
Pyrenees mountain 庇里牛斯山,欧洲西南部最大山脉
4. Part of Europe that is the focus of intensive, large cities, and major industrial activities?
The North European Lowland

5. How large is Europe compared to the U.S.?
2/3 the area of United States

6. The Mediterranean climate characteristics dry summer and wet winter.

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35. Type of pollution that damaged Lake Baikal.
Pulp纸浆 and paper factories

36. Caucasus Mountains.高加索山脉,俄罗斯南部,在黑海和里海之间
Form Russia’s Southern boundaries between Black Sea & Caspian Sea

37. Chernobyl. 切尔诺贝利,乌克兰城市
A major nuclear meltdown on 1986

38. After 1001 what group of people leave the Russian Domain.

39. What is the approximate population of the Russian Domain?
200+ million
40. Characteristics of high latitude climates.
Temperature extremes, continental climate, short growing season
41. Current name of Leningrad.
St. Petersburg

42. Where has Russian Domain dumped nuclear wastes?
Arctic Sea

43. Location of highest population densities in the Russian Domain.
Weatern portion
44. World's largest reserve of freshwater in Russian Domain.
Lake Baikal

45. Effects of climate change on Russia.
A more mild climate that is better for growing crops

46. Most productive agriculture area in Russian Domain.

47. Original founders of Russia?
Slavic people

48. Country Russian emulated. 1900s
European French culture

49. Where did Russification occur the most.
50. Architecture used in St. Petersburg.
European style

51. Why did the Russian military invade Chechnya.
Chechnya Republic seeking independence (Russia want them integrated)
○ Russians sent military
Chechnya has metals and oil
52. Where do most people live in Russia? weatern 53. Name of natives of Ukraine

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