The Alpine Mountains, The Alpine Mountains And The North European World

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Europe is the second smallest continent and though it is small it contains forty countries, it's heavily populated just under six hundred million people. Its countries have had and still have a major impact on world affairs, whether it's fashion industry, famous for their cuisines, and their advances in technology, and the way some of these European countries enjoy high level of development despite major physiographical challenges. Europe is rich for their resources like the cultivable soils which is great for their farming and wild animals that can be domesticated to do help with labors. They are also known for their rich fishing waters and they also contain deposits of oil and natural gas.
When it comes to climate in Europe they have it all from their warm Mediterranean Sea weather to icy cold weather that comes from the Alps to moist woodlands. Europe is also known to be at the heart of the land hemisphere that it is easy for them to have contact with other countries and are surrounded by lots of sea as well like the Atlantic Ocean, Black Sea, North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea and Barents Sea. There's a reason why people refer to it as the peninsula of peninsulas. They also have some diverse landscapes which are The Central Uplands, The Alpine Mountains, Western Uplands, and the North European Lowlands.
The Central Uplands is basically a region that has hills and low plateaus where towns and cities have been established. The Alpine Mountains is a

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