Influence and Creativity Essay

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Influence and Creativity

I have a habit of noticing redundancies in other people. Their personalities and their thoughts just seem so similar: daughters trying to be like mothers, or sons trying to be like fathers, or friends trying to be like each other. In my mind the sense of "self" that we as human beings have is more of a delusion than a reality, where we are nothing but the products of a multitude of influences throughout our lives. Did I ever have an original thought in my life? Or is it always someone else's idea that I am only repeating? What does it mean to be a human being without original thought and creativity? I talk like my friends do. I learned body language from my parents, stories from movies and books, …show more content…

Among these cultural influences are the commercial superpowers that affect us every day, and the cynical view is that we are all alike as a result. Mass media conglomerates provide the vast majority of content on our television stations, while the Clear Channel Incorporated dominates 100 of the 112 radio station markets. You can hardly walk down the street without being bombarded with image and advertisements to the point where you can recognize brands and products before you can even distinguish the letters, simply from the colors and shapes. We all grew up with the Disney white castle and the characters of their films. We dine under the glow of the golden arches. We "Just Be" with Calvin Klein, whatever that means. The Pavlovian excitement associated with "You Got Mail!" is so strong that internet-addiction websites suggest that we turn off sound effects in many of our favorite programs. With so much content and imagery from the consumerist culture assaulting our senses, how are we supposed to distinguish influence from creativity? Why am I so worried that all the children I know only seem to draw pictures of Spongebob Squarepants or Pokemon characters?

Furthermore, there seems to be a movement toward categorization that is all the more disturbing because

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