Influential Philosophers 's Influence On The Founding Fathers

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Prompt 1. Identify and describe 4 influential philosophers whose ideas influenced the Founding Fathers in setting up the structure… Democracy did not occur in a matter of seconds, it took years of evolution to become what it is today. The thought of a self-government during a world ruled by monarchs would have you locked up in a mental hospital. As you can figure, democracy did not just come out of the nowhere, it had to be planned out and modified over the years. The earliest contributions and influences of The American Government came from philosophers, some of them are the part of our founding fathers and others influenced them to develop the strong nation we are today. One of the first philosophers was Thomas Hobbes (1500’s), who published “Leviathan”, key points in the book included; people aren’t capable of ruling themselves, primarily because humans by instinct are selfish and need the strength of a strong leader to keep things running smoothly and in control. He also “argued on how that government was necessary to prevent people living in an anarchic “state of nature” in which it would be “nasty, brutish, and short”... Hobbes leaned over to a more monarch institution due to the fact he believed that people must obey the king/queen, and in exchange the king/queen must provide protection. Even though Hobbes did not truly support a democratic system over monarchy, he still believed there must be a head of power and a type of government. The publishing of “Leviathan”,
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