Informal Vs Informal Assessment

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The purpose of the interview is to assess the situation of a nine-year-old male coming to school hungry and wearing dirty clothes. This was a formal interaction with our meeting taking inside my office.

II. PRE-INTERVIEW ASSESSMENT (What is your informal or formal assessment of this client prior to the interview? An informal assessment might include assumptions based on what you know about the situation whereas a formal assessment might be a previous assessment or diagnosis that you have read.)

My informal assessment is I believe there may be internal conflict happening in the home that may have constituted a toxic environment impacting my client’s outward appearance and behavior at school. Typically, children that face conflict within
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His verbal responses indicated he was living an independent lifestyle consisting of waking up, preparing meals for himself, completing homework, going to bed open, and taking himself to school since his only family member, his mother, works too much and often sleeps. Initially at the beginning of the interview my client presented as hesitant and uncomfortable with me and continued to response in short verbal responses about his home-life He eventually could open up about his living conditions with his mother and work towards expressing in greater detail about any other incidences of his mother’s absence in his life. My informal assessment has changed because of this interaction since my client acknowledged about his living conditions in greater detail than I intended to happen and appears to want to express about his situation and possibly seek to establish a greater relationship with…show more content…
I did poorly in remaining confident with my questions and statements because it appeared as if I was trying to push my client to speak on my terms than his own. I need to work on asking more open-ended questions to establish a greater connection between my client and me because my actions of just rephrasing my client’s verbal responses may seem as if I am uninterested or not paying close attention. Additionally, I need to make sure I rephrase my client’s concise because I often added more words than necessary that could have made my client confused. I need to prepare to relax my shoulders before I enter an interview because I tend to stiffen them whenever I am nervous. VII. PLAN FOR NEXT SESSION (Did the interaction bring up points/questions you would like to pursue in your next interaction? Is there additional information you would need in order to make an accurate assessment of the situation and if so, what would it
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