Information And Communication Technology In The 21st Century

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Technology in an educational context is the ability to shape and change the physical world or knowledge by the manipulation of material and tools. Education in the 21st century has greatly benefited from the improvements provided by information and communication technology, visual and audio content that can be sent immediately to any part of the world (Bartlett & Burton, 2012). The amount of economic resources a region or community has dictates its availability. This has meant information can be more easily shared, students using electronic devices are enabled to access information on any subject or topic. Educators can more easily share ideas or discuss concepts, allowing them to deliver content using a variety of different electronic formats in the classroom. Technology has become a major component in personalised learning, this is where the method of providing information and the system used is built around the student, previously the system was built for the learner which they were required to fit into (Bolstad et al., 2012). The introduction of technology into the classroom has also changed how curriculum and pedagogy is delivered to students in the 21st century.
When comparing new and traditional teaching practices from the 20th century, analysis need to be completed on how curriculum and pedagogy have changed to accommodate this. Traditionally schools were seen to be using the scholar academic ideology, that is the idea that culture has accumulated knowledge over time

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