Information Can Control Behavior Without Creating A Conscious Sensation

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Bio Bases 1- Extra Credit Essay Questions – Exam 1 Erica Rodriguez 1. Visual information can control behavior without creating a conscious sensation. Blindsight symptoms suggest that the belief that “perception must enter consciousness to affect our behavior is not correct.” There are many mechanisms associated with vision one being the mammalian system that has direct connections with sections of the brain accountable for consciousness. The mammalian system is the one that gives us the ability to recognize the world surrounding us. The primitive system controls eye movements focusing our attention to movements that are abrupt that happen outside of the field of vision. When the mammalian visual system is damaged, people are able to use the primitive visual system of the brain which helps guide hands over toward an object, even though they may not be able to see it. The Blindsight proposes that consciousness is not a general property of all parts of the brain. 2. Consciousness is a physiological function, such as behavior. Our self-awareness and ability to communicate with one another through sending and receiving messages in a complex social structure, giving us a great capability to learn. These abilities have evolved. 3. People who have undergone split-brain surgery often say there left hand seems to have a mind of its own; such as reading a book being held by the left hand and suddenly putting it down, not because of disinterest but

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