Information Explosion Nowadays, we are always facing with the information explosions. Actually,

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Information Explosion Nowadays, we are always facing with the information explosions. Actually, information explosion is the large amount of available information that is produced everyday and it is published in our society by varieties of medium and in all fields of our life. From days to days, information explosion has led up to the information overload. Information overload can cause people whose suffers from it become stress, worried, tired, disappointed, less ability to concentrate, feels overwhelmed and overburdened, and lessen the people productivity. University of California at Berkeley’s School of Information has made researched about information explosion. According to them, human has produced more information in the last 30…show more content…
This is because; new information will be produced by individuals when they are acquainted with knowledge by reading and writing and then master in both of it. So that, many new information will produced everyday caused by this case. 2.2 INCREASED IN NUMBER OF SCHOLARS Scholar plays the role as a one who will create the information using their creativity, device to a new methods, recognize the ideas that exist in this word, and offer the best solutions to a familiar problem that faced by communities. In addition, they also set up a new standard in science and technology, in literature, fine arts, business, in industry, and social that has the relationship with leadership. So, society nature’s gift of talent will stagnate and then, it become perishing. This increasing can be seen in 1800, which there were 1,000 scientists and engineers in the world which increased to 10,000 in 1850 and in 1900, it still increase to 100,000. In 1950s, the numbers rose to one million. It is this ever increasing number of scientists that accounts for the rapid increasing of published materials. 2.3 INCREASED IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Information explosion also affected by increased of research and development activities. Until today, the funds in field of research have changed in their scale and level. It has changed the significant of research become mission-oriented, multidisciplinary and believed a matrix managed character. 2.4 EXPANDING
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