Information Inventory Of Eureka Ohio

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Information Inventory After reviews the data about Eureka, IL I found it very interesting to read some of the data that was provided. In my opinion the data supports some of our struggled here at Eureka College, especially as a recruiter for the college. Eureka College generates its revenue from tuition. Every recruiter of the college is an important one because that’s how Eureka College operates. I am from a metropolitan city, it took a while for me to adapt to a different community and a lot of that has to do with the data that I found in researching Eureka, IL. In “Eureka Illinois $54, 442,” (U.S. Census Bureau, n.d.) is the average household income, I believe that the average household income is not very high in Eureka Illinois…show more content…
• “Family Households- 1,331” (HTL, 2015). Eureka, IL is a great place for first time home owners. The cost of living is affordable. The price of housing has increased about 2% over the past few years according to a local relater. Eureka, IL focuses on education. Several members in the community work at Eureka College and we have a scholarship that is set up for staff and faculty members that work for the college their children’s tuition is adjusted. “93.6% of community members have graduated high school 25 years or older” (U.S. Census Bureau, n.d.) I believe this number is so high because there aren’t many distractions here in Eureka, IL all students have to do is focus on their studies. Along with that high number for high school graduates, “30.8% have bachelor’s degrees or higher” (U.S. Census Bureau, n.d.). Eureka, Il has a very large number of Apostasy Christians and post-secondary education is not an option for them, it’s impressive to have “30.8%” as the percentage for post-secondary education. As of “July 1, 2014 the population was 5, 7373 people, has increased by 50 people since 2010” (U.S. Census Bureau, n.d.). Eureka, IL is growing because of the community is drawing in attention from neighboring communities because of the opportunities such as State Farm and Caterpillar. The population is also growing because of Eureka College, recruiting students and employees to the college. Although Eureka has grown, Caterpillar made an announcement at the
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