Information Resource Security Policy For The Abcd University

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Information Resource Security Policy for the ABCD University



Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Findings and Analysis 4
Situation 4
Problem 5
Solution 6
Evaluation and Analysis 7
Conclusions 9
Recommendations 10
References 12

The objective of this assignment is to develop security policy for information resources of the ABCD University with major emphasis on compliance with the current laws and regulations, integrity and confidentiality of information, and reduced risks to potential threats.
The ABCD University is among most modern IT based university with over 3,000 computers including desktop computers, terminal computers, and special purpose mini servers for facilitating over 19,000 students, lecturers, staff and administration. All the computers are networked internally including majority student residence areas connected to internal network as well.
Current system emphases include:
• Network and Desktop Systems
Voice and data network systems, network security, external networking such as the internet, the administration of fileservers and UNIX hosts, development and support of desktop operating systems and applications, development and implementation of strategic IT initiatives, and telephone systems and switchboard

• Technical Support
Technician presence at all campuses, offering support for network laboratories and audio-visual

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