Information Security And The Security Essay

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While information security has many benefits in our technologically advancing environment, it also comes with its own set of issues. Three of the top issues in keeping information secure are lack of awareness, complacency, and no root cause analysis. Even more recently, we have experienced issues with information security and allegations of election hacking.
Some of our biggest challenges come with keeping information secure in the business world. Auburn University researchers teamed up with the International Information Systems Security Certificate Consortium to identify and rank the top information and security issues. Using a worldwide sample of 874 certified information system security specialists, they ranked a list of top 25 information security issues based on which ones were most critical facing organizations today. These 25 issues were: 1.) Top management support 2.) User awareness training and education 3.) Malware 4.) Patch management 5.) Vulnerability and risk management 6.) Policy related issues 7.) Organizational culture 8.) Access control and identity management 9.) Internal threats 10.) Business continuity and disaster preparation 11.) Low funding and inadequate budgets 12.) Protection of privileged information 13.) Network security architecture 14.) Security training for IT staff 15.) Justifying security expenditures 16.) Inherent insecurity of networks and information systems 17.) Governance 18.) Legal and regulatory issues 19.) External connectivity

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