Information Technology In Law Enforcement

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When I began my career in law enforcement, I always wondered what it was like to be in law enforcement back in the days. Without any technology to fall back on, I wonder how difficult it was to be in law enforcement profession. Sometimes I ask myself how difficult it would be for me to accomplish my tasks without cell phones, computers or fingerprints readers. How much did information technology contribute to law enforcement? Or how much has law enforcement career changed, due to the rise of information technology and its contribution to law enforcement profession. In this assay, I will elaborate the key factors that have changed law enforcement, due to the developments in information technology. How the advances in the information technology, such as cell phones, Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) and use of body warn cameras affected law enforcement and prompted new evolution in this profession.

In today’s day and age, cell phones represent an instrumental tool for law enforcement. For instance, during patrol I could use my work cell phone to search for the directions to my call. I could download multiple apps, to reference from if I need to look up the vehicle code or penal code violations. One main benefit to having access to my cell phone at work, is that I could request my back up if I am in the area where I do not have good radio reception. The use of cell phones in law enforcement is essential, because it also provides direct communication between the officers and citizens.

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