Information Technology Security System Essay

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Thien Doan
Sharon Mitchell
ENG 112
29 March 2016
Information Technology Security System
People have always concerned about the security of their important documents as well as information. The Roman Empire military delivered sensitive and secure messages on parchments that could be dissolved in water after getting the information. But nowadays, what most of us use to store our documents in the cloud. Cloud computing is one of the common words in this modern world, the 21st century, the practice of using the network to control the servers that hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data rather than a local server or a personal computer. The security in information technology is considered as the biggest challenge for the balancing of the user’s demands versus the need for data integrity and confidentiality. In order to permit the employees to access a network from a remote location, they use what is known as cloud computing which can largely provide the ease and accessibility of the employee and the value of the network. However, it is considered that the network’s remote access can cause the opening of a large number of vulnerabilities and produce several security challenges for the network administrator. Organizations are finding security risks in cloud computing; these risks are related to the data privacy and security concerns in the business organizations such as: privacy risks, data location, and data segregation and access protocol.

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