Informative Essay About Basketball

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What It Takes

Ever wonder what it takes to be a college athlete? Sure, the games and events are fun to watch but what exactly goes into preparing for these events and games? I will tell you exactly what it takes and what a college basketball player goes through because all the audience sees are the flashy views of the sport. However, we will now take a look at the sport from the other side of the ball.
The game of basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. The original equipment of the game was a literal peach basket and a soccer ball. By 1892 the first official game of basketball was played in a YMCA in New York. Then by 1895 basketball was a standard sport and began to be played all around even within high schools and colleges. In 1906 rims and back boards were made and by 1949 basketball could be played professionally. As the sport came along the skill level of players increased and the game became flashier. Numerous professional legends were showcases like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Charles Barkley. Now the game is super complex and skill driven.
Sure, the sport is exciting to watch, but there is a vast number of things that the player puts into the sport. A college basketball player puts countless hours into the sport. With the combined time of treatment, practice, and lifting weights, that makes for a full load of work to go along with their school work. The audience in which watching the game does not see the extra time and effort put

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