Informative Speech About Oktoberfest

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OUTLINE WORKSHEET: Speech to Inform From beer steins, to tractors, to a week's’ worth of bad decisions. This is Oktoberfest. How unique a festival it may be, you have to wonder where it all started. Believe it or not, but this festival has been an ongoing tradition for the last 200 years. Started in the early 1800’s it originates in Germany. This manic event has leaped across continents and has become a very engrossed tradition of the United States. Oktoberfest might just look like a drunk friend get together from an outsider… and it is… but beyond the beer its history brings it a whole new prospective, marking in a strong community, and breaking records as the largest international festival in the world. Oktoberfest is like a fine beer, made with cautious precision, and aged appropriately, only to share with all your friends once finally ready to taste!

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A. Main point #1 All fine beer is aged in a wooden barrel and kept in a deep dark cellar. Fermentation takes time, and in order to capture that defined taste it has to have a history. Like a fine barrel of beer Oktoberfest has history and it all started roughly 200 years ago in the city of Munich. According to “History in Context” it was the 12th of October 1810 and this guy known as Prince Ludwig of Bavaria got hitched to this gal, Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen (say that ten times fast). Anyway these two thought they were so great they needed to have this giant

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