Informative Speech About Stress

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Grisel Martin-Leal Professor Dean Communications 151 9 October 17 Title: 3 Different Ways to Deal With Stress Exact Speech Purpose: To Inform INTRODUCTION I. Attention-getter: According to the American Institution of Stress, “44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did 5 years ago, work related stress caus 10% of strokes,stress is the basic cause of 60% all human illnesses and diseases.” II. Thesis: Dealing with stress should be taken more serious in order to prevent future health complications. III. Credibility statement: I have been stressed many times so I know what it’s like. Also, if not all, most of us have gone through some form of stress. It’s important to know how to deal with stress in order to reduce it and be more…show more content…
1. Sub-subpoint Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol. It also increases the release of hormones like endorphins. 2. Sub-subpoint Studies show that our response to stressful events can increase by whether we view something as a threat or a challenge. Humor can give us a more lighthearted perspective and help us view events as challenges, which makes them less threatening and seem more positive. B. Subpoint Laughter Therapy 1. Sub-subpoint The Cancer Center of America conducts a study that showed how laughter affected patients. 2. Sub-subpoint Those who laughed more often improved their immune system which caused them to live longer. Those who were more serious and didn’t laugh as much died sooner and had a weaker immune system. Transition: Laughing a lot also works your muscles as they contract and it helps your diaphragm. That brings me to my next and final point which is exercising. III. Main Point: Exercising A. Subpoint Exercising releases you endorphins as well which serve as natural painkillers and exercising pumps your endorphins up, sometimes giving you a natural “high.” 1. Sub-subpoint For this reason, people are usually in a good mood right after they exercise and they tend to feel good about themselves after a workout as well.You are less likely to be stressed right after a workout. 2. Often when exercising, you forget things because you are so focused on your workout. B. Subpoint Stress prevents people
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