Informative Speech : Discretionary Spending

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Niko Taylor Informative Speech 10/23/17 Good afternoon, as I’m sure that you are all aware, each year the government composes a budget that is used to distribute funds to specific places in order to benefit our country. You see it all over your social media about how we may be spending too much money on our military or that we are unnecessarily cutting other departments funding. But what else is included in our budget? How much funding is our government providing to each of the other agencies? What types of things should be more focused on to benefit our country as a whole? These are the types of things that I will be informing you about today. At any rate let’s talk about the exact amount that is proposed to be budgeted in 2018. According to under their official files, the proposed total amount of spending for 2018 is ~4.1 Trillion USD. This amount gets distributed into three major groups, discretionary spending, mandatory spending, and interest on federal debt. Let’s first move on to discretionary spending. Discretionary spending involves agencies like the Education, Military, Transportation, Housing, Veteran’s benefits and more. Here is a graphic depicting each agency covered by discretionary spending in 2015. The total amount that has been allocated into the discretionary spending budget is ~1.25 trillion USD for 2018. Let’s now move on to the exact numbers for each department that will be budgeted in 2018. Coming in at the top for discretionary

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