Informative Speech on Human Trafficking Essay

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Specific purpose: To inform my audience about human trafficking.

Central idea: To make people aware of the seriousness of human trafficking.

Introduction I. Imagine yourself leaving for a trip that you have been looking forward to.

A. You are all packed, on the plane, and then arrive at you destination.

B. After settling in you go exploring the area.

II. At this point, you are kidnapped

A. You cannot do anything to protect yourself or to escape, you are forced to strip, and have your body sold. You are now an object, not a person.

B. Human Trafficking is a horrible crime that must be stopped.


I. What is Human Trafficking?

A. Mark Lagon, CEO of the …show more content…

A. People who are trafficked for sex feel completely helpless, and the horror they have to go through is not fully acknowledge.

1. You may wonder what exactly happens to these people.

2. After the terror of being kidnapped, or tricked, all the girls are abused and forced to make money with their bodies

3. They are raped and beaten repeatedly.

B. Brain washing is a tactic used often in this business.

1. The men scare the girls so badly, they will listen to almost anything they say, just so they or their families do not get harmed.

C. One woman tells how her and two other girls try to escape.

1. Factory guards caught them and dragged them back to camp.

2. They were punished as an example by being tried up to poles with no food or water for days.

3. They were also punished by having their hair shaved off. IV. There are two things being done about this issue today.

A. The U.S. government has made laws against slavery as well as developing a list of goods that the U.S. Department of Labors has reasons to think are produced through forced labor.

1. Police officers also look around their areas for signs of prostitution and slavery.

2. Chip Burrus, FBI Deputy Assistant Director states that “these predators are adept to reading children and knowing there vulnerabilities.

3. Other than the government doing what they’re doing and the support groups, not much is going on to stop this

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