Inherit The Wind By Lawrence And Lee

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Why is the play Inherit the wind by Lawrence and Lee such a relatable piece of literature to people in today’s society? Simply because the author embedded relevant themes that are a big part of the world’s issues today both politically and religiously. Three themes revealed by the events and characters within the play are the battle between thinking both fundamentally and intellectually, the differences between rural and urban regions, and the isolations amongst man and society.
One theme that the play upholds throughout is both sides to the trial, more specifically, the views of a fundamentalist opposed to the views of an intellectualist. Although the court case in Inherit the wind contrasts evolutionism and creationism with each other, an extensive conflict prevails beneath the surface. Drummond first addresses this main issue when he asks Howard, his young witness, weather he believes in Darwin or not. When Howard acknowledges that he is not sure what he thinks yet, Drummond states that the boy’s freedom to make up his own mind and to think for himself is what is actually on trial. The people who are creationists in the play, who conform to fundamental, adamant Christian doctrines, are a force that has conservatively prescribed for how the townspeople of Hillsboro’s minds should be made up. The most rigid creationists, reverend Brown and Brady, fill positions of power and authority at the tip of the social class, and their initial motive is to sustain control over that…
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