Injustice In 1984 By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Picture a dim room where a woman lies in the darkest corner struggling for freedom from an injustice, the injustice that is poisoning the world around her. Throughout history, and even in today’s society, any type of injustice has hindered the ability for justice to thrive. If one is to think about it if there is corruption in any one place by any one person than there is an influence to promote the continuation of this corruption. As long as this continues then these places cannot achieve fairness. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addresses this sentiment when he says, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Injustice, as stated by Martin Luther King, is constantly threatening, contaminating, and oppressing the accounts of …show more content…

The author specifically talks about how a Mexican immigrant named George does not know how to speak, read, or write English. George is required to forfeit a substantial amount of his pay, every week, to the person who brought him to the states. Due to the fact that he does not earn much money, George is forced to live under poor living condition (Ehrenreich). Because George is an immigrant, he is forced to work in this job and live under these conditions. George is starting from nothing, which from the start puts him at the bottom of the social spectrum. Therefore he needs to continue to attain more wealth to go to school, receive an education, and have better opportunities for jobs that pay better. Because George does not have the same opportunities as other Americans from the beginning, it creates obstacles and social injustice. As long as people are not able to have the same opportunities as the wealthy which establishes a social spectrum, and people living in fear of their government than justice remains threatened. More often times than not actions are made to improve economy which then affects others, therefore, creating economic injustice. In Mac McClelland's article, she talks about life and jobs in America, she iterates the effect of economic actions on the middle class through the story of Erin and her family. Erin, a public school teacher, and her husband (Anthony), a public information specialist

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