Injustice Native American Injustice

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Native Americans have been subjected to injustice since the beginning of the “discovery” of the New World. Whether it’s been through what is defined as genocide by some people, or being pushed out westward by the government and having land stripped away. This maltreatment has shaped the views of many people about Native American’s rights. The topic of Native Americans has interested me because there has been so much injustice committed against them, yet there have been little to no attempts to amend them. I have never encountered a Native American and it made me realize how scarce their race is at this point in time. This realization made me keen on researching the discrimination Native Americans have been put through and what people have been doing to stop it. Through my research, I found that there is quite a large controversy about whether or not the mass killings of Native Americans were considered Genocide. Native Americans are still being stripped of their holy lands, such as the Dakota Pipeline, ruining their beautiful culture and history in the process. Native Americans have been subjected to mistreatment, however there remains a large population of people that don’t think about the inequality they are exposed to. The injustice being committed needs to be read about in order to understand and improve the conditions that Native American tribes live in. Upon the arrival of the Europeans, Native Americans were subjected to mass murder, or as some people refer to it
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