Essay on Injustices I Suffered as a Native American

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The year is 1828 and I am the Cherokee chief. I and my tribe are living in a house. Our land is full of minerals like gold. It is summer and it is bloody hot outside. The skies are white and it looks like it will rain soon. I am very tired and I decide to go to sleep. Suddenly I wake up and look out the window watching it rain and the houses burn, and this caused a lot of smoke. I see many feral American soldiers who have surrounded us and burned our houses. They want us away from our residence, but we can’t, because this is the country where our ancestors lived for generations. I see this with my own eyes that they forcibly try to take our men and women. I also see that an American soldier killed many innocent people who refuse to leave …show more content…

We took a break because we were very thirsty and we told one of the soldiers to give us water. Hopefully we got water by the American soldiers, but not all of us got enough water to survive due to a little amount of water. We had to face many difficulties during the march, and most of the difficulties were due to lack of water and food in the hot desert and the sand hills. After a long walk, they sent us on a tour. We settled in an undisclosed place and we took a break to sleep. I saw that the Americans slept with me and I woke up carefully. I raised my hand in the soldier's pocket where I saw the key to the handcuffs. Following on, I managed to get the key in one of the soldier's pocket, and then I unlocked my handcuff and my companions too. We took out all the equipment and the other resources. We tied them together with a rope and took them to prison. One of the American soldiers began to wake up and make steps towards me. He took out his gun and pointed at me. I heard the sound of a gun that was soon charged with a bullet, so I turned around quickly and shot the person straight in his head. He bled and died in agony. The others gave up and promised us that they would kill the other Cherokee. The Americans joined hand with us and helped us to rebuild our houses and they promised us to get all the gold minerals back and we lived happily in many years together in peace and harmony. We got the Congress to sign a peace contract and

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