Innovative Energy Based Probabilistic Approach For Semi Active Vibration Control

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Innovative Energy-Based Probabilistic Approach for Semi-Active Vibration Control in Wind Turbines

Aly Mousaad Aly

Overview: The goal of this project is to enable the building of smart, resilient, and sustainable energy infrastructure, by advancing fundamental knowledge in the science of aerodynamics and control theory. The main objective is to test the following hypotheses: (i) semi-active control of structures can be carried out analytically, (ii) a proposed innovative control theory is applicable to flexible structures subjected to multi-hazard loads, and (iii) the proposed control approach is applicable to wind turbines in the field. A probabilistic approach to the semi-active control of multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) structures will …show more content…

Therefore, the results of this study potentially can reduce the final cost of electricity production from wind.

Main Tasks: To accomplish the objective of the project, field experiments, as the best references for future development, are required in conjugation with analytical and numerical investigations. In Figure 1 a general perspective of the research is illustrated. The whole project will be executed in three main tasks which are described as follows:

Task 1. Data Collection and Analysis: The first task to accomplish the goals of the project is to collect high quality data that consist of the wind velocity field and profile, wind turbine’s dynamic responses and the power production. Due to the wind velocity fluctuation or high intensity turbulence which is an important characteristic of the wind in atmospheric boundary layer, the rotor and the tower of a wind turbine normally experience extensive fluctuating dynamic loads. Because of the randomness nature of these fluctuations, limitations in numerical simulations and scale related issues in laboratory tests, field wind data collection is super beneficial for scientific evolution of wind turbines. During the last years, a high quality remote system is introduced and implemented by wind energy developers to capture the wind data in-front of the wind

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