Insight : Setting Your Communications Goals Essay

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Chapter 1: Insight: Setting Your Communications Goals
From this exercise I was able to better learn how I communicate and how to set goals for my communication. I was able to learn more about how I myself communicate with other individuals. By rating my current interpersonal communication skills, I was able to learn and realize there are areas I should try and improve on. This will help improve my interpersonal skills as I was able to set goals in areas that I rated lower scores on. For example, from number 6, I can clearly understand that I should be more aware of the nonverbal messages I am sending. This will in turn help my interpersonal skills and in improving my communication with others. Setting and achieving these goals will help vastly improve my interpersonal skills since I can become better at communicating and expressing myself.
Chapter 2: Skill Builder: Reevaluating Your “Can’ts”
In this exercise I was able to learn and better understand who I have a difficult time communicating with and recognize my feelings associated with such. I also learned that I myself do sometimes run into the self-fulfilling prophecy. This will improve my interpersonal skills as by being able to identify situations I have difficulty with and ones that involve the self-fulfilling prophecy, I can improve my communication in those situations. The realization of feelings associated with such situations will allow me to better monitor my communication and improve amongst them. These will all
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